Saturday, January 15, 2011

drip drip and drips

the weather in the last two winters has meant that the physical geography that i studied almost 30 years ago is finally paying off. the erosion caused by the freezing and expansion of water, causing scree slopes in glacial areas, has ruined the roads, and all of the repairs that were undertaken have now become unrepaired.

what we didn't expect was to see this in action in the restaurant, but we, along with all of the customers on thursday, did. the upstairs, which is not part of our lease, is in a little bit of a state. one day i would not be surprised to find that the upstairs was no longer part of clifton street but was in the road in topaz street; the lean has been measured to be more severe than pisa and they stopped people going up that. what had happened is that the freezing and expansion of water had forced the render off the brick work and water was coming in upstairs, travelling through our ceiling and coming out in the restaurant. thankfully thursday's customers were, like all our customers, understanding. it is one benefit of being a relaxed place, most of the people who come in are also relaxed.

what is less relaxing is the loss of the daily show from more4. the idiots in charge will send out a form letter should you complain, even if the subject of your letter deals with the issues in the form letter in the first place. since FX removed the colbert report, i've had to use anchor free to watch it and now i have to do the same with the daily show. i'm writing this following 12 colbert reports and 1 daily show, that dealing with the arizona shootings, and if more4 can equate this with friends then theymust be idiots.

cookbook is coming along nicely and the 2nd daily show is starting, so i'll sign off.

as of yesterday the leak was fixed but it may be an idea to bring in a hat next time you're in.



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