Sunday, May 9, 2010

beating yourself up

yesterday i played golf prior to service. quite a while prior to service actually, we teed off at 10. i played pretty well but my putting, usually a handicap, was atrocious. after sinking a couple for par, i then three-putted 7 times through the rest of the round. ally that to some other rubbish and my chances had gone. the problem; i beat myself up about it and then can't come through the other side. it's the same with the food. the fesenjan was not right on thursday; it was difficult to plate and did not look good. we tried several variations, all rubbish. Tony suggested salad, i couldn't see it at first but when we tried it it made the dish. Tony didn't get to see the transformation because he's somewhere in scotland camping.

overall the menu has been well-recieved. when one of us is away, we tend to fall back on certain dishes, not duck being a favourite. the soup is beyond good and i'll divulge the secret in a moment and the casumziei spectacular. the problem with that is that there is only one way to go after, down. Jay has performed brilliantly in the execution of the risotto, the stir fry is cool, although it sholud be tom yum, not tom yam, and the curry is one of the best we do in my opinion.

the desserts are also working out well. the fool is great if you like ginger and rhubarb and you'd be mad if you didn't.

soup recipe

onion, sweated in oil. add a tablespoon of red curry paste and some curry leaves (about 12, fry two minutes. add two cubed sweet potato and sweat, stirring to stop sticking and adding a small amount of water if necessary. add stock and a tin of coconut milk and cook for five minutes. blend and enjoy.



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