Sunday, March 7, 2010

menu review and polenta recipe

sometimes the best of times are also the worst of times. that would certainly hold true for this menu. after a few menus of minimal stress, we decided on one that would set the adrenaline free. we certainly did that. the menu started, as always with a stressful thursday, made more so by a crash and the sight of the chinese strainer dropping from its hook, comically catching the chocolate sauce and catapulting said sauce over the ravioli that i had just completed. several deep breaths and i blood was back to something approaching normal temperature. i had also planned on printing the menus at the restaurant but that was thwarted by a broken printer cartridge; it was now, 19:10 and customers, so happily those we can count as friends, were already seated. M then redeemed herself by writing them, old-style, and photocopying them in the internet cafe, for it was by her hand that the strainer did fall. there then followed a rather hectic two hours, during which L made fun of the speed of service.

Friday was comparatively mundane, although we were very busy and there was a possibility of implosion. i really enjoyed it because when it doesn't go tits up, if you'll forgive the vernacular, you do get that sense of fulfillment. By saturday we had relented and agreed that we would write the orders down. it went like clockwork.

the feed back on this menu has been pretty good. we've spiced up the oxtail and thickened the sauce on the back of feedback but that is pretty much it. the ash-e-reshteh has been popular and also well reviewed but we follow the menu that is pretty much all over the web, so you can get that yourselves, the recipe that i have been asked for is the polenta fries, so here it is.

you need

polenta, quick cook is easiest but the end product is probably not quite as good.
veg stock
lots of soft herbs, parsley, coriander, basil, mint etc.

cool the polenta, as per instructions, with the stock. the stronger the stock, the stronger the taste. season with salt and lots of pepper. once the polenta is cooked add the herbs then quickly spread out on a baking pan. allow to cool and set.

once it is properly set, cut into fries and shallow fry, or into wedges and griddle. serve with red pepper ketchup. (recipe in next newsletter) you can de-veganise the dish by cheesing up the mix during the cooking of the polenta, something strong works best.



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