Tuesday, February 2, 2010

some pre-prep and brill satay recipe

today we entered into pre-prep for the next menu. just like the last menu it puts substance over style, so don't expect the artistic flourish but, rather, expect dishes that taste beautiful. i've been ordered by the kitchen brigade to write this recipe down, do this is the recipe for my satay sauce.

Start by sauteeing onions, once soft add red curry paste. we use our own for flavour and a shop-bought one for heat. cook out the paste, the ingredients are raw. next add some tamarind paste, this gives the sourness, some rice wine vinegar and some tamari. soy is cheaper but contains wheat and for this we need gluten-free. add some veg stock so that it doesn't stick and a dash of lime juice. cook a while. now add palm sugar or jaggery to balance out the acid element. i like it on the sweeter side of sour.

finally toast some peanuts and add these, then blend and use it to coat whatever you want.

cheers and a beer (at least i'm having one, we have no heating so i feel like i need it, i'm typing this in ski gloves)


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