Saturday, December 6, 2008

recipes for dan's mother

to say that this menu is a pain would be an understatement. the real problem lies in the delivery process. the last time we had attempted a menu like this was last year and the sad fact is that age must be destroying memory faster than i'd imagined. on thursday we tried a new way with the dauphinoise, big mistake. yesterday we remembered how we had prepared them but it was too quiet to get a good test, so we'll have the big test tonight.

anyway dan was in last night and wanted the parsnip and sprout recipe. as the rugby is yet to start, here they are.

creamed parsnip (courtesy of basil's brasserie, where tony once worked and at which i regularly ate) 

parsnips cooked in salted water, mashed or blitzed.
cream orcreme fraiche (my favourite)
lemon juice if cream
salt and pepper.

mix and season to taste.

sprout pangrattata

sprout, sliced thinly and blanched in boiling, salted water.

pangrattata: you will need olive oil, breadcrumbs, lemon zest, garlic (quite alot) and parsley.

put lots of olive oil in a pan and heat, add the garlic and sweat, you can colour it a little. add the breadcrumbs and toast in the oil. when they are crispy add the lemon zest and parsley. add to the sprouts in the proportions that you like.

sorry to dan's mother if you didn't want this.

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