Sunday, October 19, 2008

risotto and other mistakes

i'm back again  and, six hours later, i'm still hurting. i've had a nice long bath which only served to highlight the pain in my nipple areas (sorry for too much info there) but didn't take any pain from my legs. i'm sat here writing this with my legs in full length tubi-grips and every so often i shift my legs into another position. anyway the point of this missive is to say thank you to the family who gave me three great big cheers, two during the race and one when i was hobbling around after. if they do get this, please come by to the restaurant for some food, there's a free bottle of wine in it and a couple of beers.

now onto a recipe. we got asked alot for the  risotto so i'll do that.

you will need

butternut squash, diced and roasted (not too soft) with salt and pepper.

mushrooms, diced and fried until nutty and brown.

one portion of white risotto, prepared as per instruction. we soften onion and celery in a mix of veg and olive oil, then add the rice, fry for a little, then add stock. if you don't want to add it a ladle at a time, add lots but don't leave, you need to stir constantly. when it's nearly done add in your mushrooms and squash and some finely chopped sage and lemon thyme. i like to add lemon juice and parsley as well but that's not the one you've been eating. if truth be known i like adding lemon juice and parsley to everything, so much so that i inadvertently added it to the cheese broth on friday. nobody knew.

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