Wednesday, June 18, 2008

is there anyone out there?

a question and a song, favoured by elis our italian/albanian friend, by mighty mighty. i was speaking to kate last night about the blog and what a cathartic experience it is writing it; even if there is no-one reading. a glance at the google stats would suggest that that is the case but what the hey.

struck me that there was no recipe in the newsletter so i'll give you one here. this was the bane of the last three weeks for me, plantain empanadas. the filling was a veg chilli and everyone has a recipe for that so i'll not bore you with ours, rather i'll bore you with the  dough.

you will need

plantains, a couple
one sweet potato
flour (we used doves' farm gluten free)

either boil the plantains in their skin or roast. do not let them get too mushy as the final dough will be too sticky to manage. once cooled, process in a food processor and add some cooked sweet potato and blitz again. season with salt and pepper and add any other spices you like, cumin would be good. add enough flour to make a dough that is not sticky. don't add too much or the final product will be gluey, the star here is the plantain.

tear off a piece of cling film, about 18" in length and put a handful of the dough 6" in, then fold the cling film over. using the palm of your hand push the dough out to form a circle, pull the cling film back up then put your filling in the middle. using the cling film pull the dough up and fold the dough over, enclosing the filling. pinch the ends together and crimp with a fork. gently take the empanada off the cling film and either deep fry at 190C or shallow fry in hot oil. they shouldn't take much more than 3 minutes. drain on kitchen roll and serve with salad.

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