Monday, April 7, 2008

Not so good biscuits

Well, two days later we tried the vegan/coeliac biscotti. the dental bill could run to thousands. they looked great, tasted great, but were dental wrecking balls. back off the bar and back into the kitchen tomorrow. the amaretti, on the other hand, are playing an integral role in the butternut squash ravioli. they're easy to process as long as you get a good run-up with the rolling pin. if anyone tried the recipe, i hope you ate them within the first couple of days. i suppose next time we'll wait before making grand claims for our products. 

This brings me onto a couple of other things. I was watching 'House' the other night and Foreman was maligning house's diagnostic techniques as being anarchist; by which he meant chaotic, without rules. this drives me nuts. anarchism, to me, is a system of enlightenment where the need for rules is replaced by a shared set of beliefs. anarchy, as portrayed today, is used to describe a system to be feared not to be embraced. the really annoying thing is that it makes you wonder why the writers have used the word in this way. such usage continues to reinforce the mis-conception about anarchy; is this because the writers are confused, is this their belief or are there other motives? this brings us on to the power of language and the way in which language can be used as a tool. is it the case that because house is produced in a capitalist system, that it is used, explicitly or implicitly, to support that system. who knows but it bugs me.

To a small degree we've been mis-represented on the web. on a blog there has been some discussion about our place where it was reported that my wife was a vegetarian whereas i was not. the fact that this information is completely false can be seen from a reading of our web-pages or listening to my radio interview (admittedly something i haven't done). it shows a lack of rigour, an unwillingness to do research, that can reinforce prejudice. if anyone wants to know about what we are trying to do, get in touch. I love to talk. favourite topic of the moment, philosophy of food.

love and light

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