Thursday, March 20, 2008

Post Punk Kitchen

Mondays are fun days. Today has been a day of culinary experiments and cooking for the kids. This morning I made my second vegan feta, based on a recipe by Bryanna Clark Grogan. Any vegans out there may want to check her out on the web. I also watched the Mexican show from the Post Punk Kitchen, another must for people who love to cook. Then the mundane task of preparing salagne for my daughters and spag bol for my son. One of my daughters will not touch the spag bol but loves salagne. kids eh. It was whilst making these dishes that I started to think about white sauces. I'd seen loads of recipes on the web for white sauces but none were made the traditional way with a milk substitute. I needed to eat, there was a pumpkin, some curly kale, purple sprouting broccoli, calabrese and mushrooms. The solution, vegan lasagne. I had some rice milk open that I'd used in the not-feta, so made up a roux with veg oil and flour, then made a white sauce with the rice milk. A little sweet so I added some yeast flakes and some tahini paste, seasoned well it tasted delicious. It's not a white sauce in the conventional sense but I thought it would work well with the other ingredients. I roasted the pumpkin, blanched the kale and broccoli duo and sauted the mushrooms. That done I assembled the lasagne with sauce, pasta, filling, sauce, pasta filling, sauce cooked off and I've just eaten a bowl and it was delicious. Oh, I also added nutmeg to the sauce. Maybe we'll do this one day.
For anyone interested the children ate all their food. I'm signing off now because they're bugging me for marshmallows. I can feel another experiment coming on.

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